Klingon Subtitles.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

In order to compare the transcript of ST6 that we have, I wanted to compare it directly with the movie, and what better way is there than to turn it into subtitles?

These subtitles are all in the .srt format, with timings suitable for the YIFY torrent release of Star Trek VI (magnet link), though you might be able to get it to work with some other video file by adjusting the subtitle timing. YMMV.

Playing the Movie with Subtitles

These subtitles should be watchable with just about any media player, on any operating system. Just make sure that the subtitle you want has the same file name as your movie file (except for the .srt ending) and resides in the same directory, so that your player can find it.

What was Changed

The English subtitles are those included in the YIFY torrent release (which I assume to be identical to the Blu-ray subtitles). I copy/pasted the tlhIngan Hol from the transcript of ST6 that has occasionally been posted and (discussed on) the tlhingan-hol mailing list. In the cases where Klingon lines are subtitled in English, the Klingon have been added underneath. (Subtitle timings were also adjusted, as the timing for the Klingon lines were generally quite a bit off – my guess is that whoever subtitled the movie was not very fluent in Klingon.) :)

The subtitle work was done using gnome-subtitles on a Precise Pangolin Ubuntu GNU/Linux system.

I wrote a small Perl script to extract the only Klingon subtitles. (It outputs a valid .srt file, and is used to extract the “Klingon only subtitles” from the larger subtitle file.)


Any feedback (on the Klingon parts) would be greatly appreciated. Send it to st6@zrajm.org (or my personal email address with “ST6” added to the subject line).