I’m a curious person. Mostly. But sometimes I get it into my head that some­thing is not really worth experimenting with. Condoms were one such thing. I sorta assumed that all condoms where the same – or at least that the difference would be small enough that there wasn’t much point in trying to find the perfect one. – Then a lover of mine bought a different kind of condom than I was used to, and we tried them out. Awesome! Made me want to try some other kinds as well. (Those were the Kimono SuperThin Large condoms, see more below.)

My Preferences

You might not agree with what I'm saying here. To improve your chances of judging whether you would or not, let me describe some of my basic preferences:

I don’t like strange smells (or tastes), and really enjoy watching in all vivid details as I’m fucking someone. That sorta rules out all condoms with smells, flavouring or colour. That goes for lubricants as well – the perfect lubricant (in my opinion) is taste and odourless. A hint of taste or smell might work (and sometimes – as long as the smell isn’t too strong – it can work surprisingly well, like in the case of ACO Intimate Caring Glide, which smells vaguely of childhood Christmases to me). But if there are perfumes, or flavouring on the ingredient list, then it's not for me.


A little bit of ranting on package design of condoms. Skip to the last paragraph of this section if you don't like rants.

You’re horny, in the middle a wonderful erection, and with a naked beautiful human being in front of you who wants to fuck. And then, suddenly, reality demands that you tear your attention away from the moment so solve the fucking riddle that is condom packaging?! Seriously? There’s clearly room for improvement here. (Yes, RFSU, I'm looking at you.)

Opening the packaging should be dead easy (but it rarely is). Ideally just looking at it should make it open and fall apart – barring that, at least it should be easy to open with one (distracted) hand. The packaging should rip easily, and have a wide rim where you can easily grab it with your teeth (without any risk of biting down on the condom itself). If there’s an indentation where you’re supposed should tear it, it should be marked in glaring colours (and there should be one in every corner, not just in one of them.) The moment I’m opening a condom package I have about 3 IQ points to spare – Don’t make me think!

The best solution I’ve found to this abdication of responsibility from the condom producers, is to hand it over to my lover instead. (I highly rec­om­mend this!) Putting on a condom with my own hands is a non-sexy dis­trac­tion (at best manageable, at worst enough to make me lose my erection). My lover's hands on my cock, on the other hand… – Mmm! (Don’t worry if you fumble at it. I don’t mind if you stroke my cock for a bit longer than you intended.)

Size Matters

If you find that a condom is really tight, go find a bigger one. It's worth it.

I've always though of my cock as pretty average in size (I still think it is) but it still turned out that the RFSU Thin condoms I've been using for a while now aren't quite my size. And having your cock squeezed too tightly doesn't feel all that bad in itself, but it makes it harder to perceive and appreciate other sensations. Which makes it harder to stay hard.

Looser fit means more foreskin movement (Yay!) but it also increases the risk of the condom slipping off. (The Kimono MicroThin combats this by being narrower at the base.)

Putting It On

There are a couple of different ways of putting on a condom.

Much comes down to the movement of the foreskin. There are some things that help:

Which Condoms, Then, Eh?

These are my favourites to date, in approximate order of preference.

Though I’ve linked the names of the condoms to, this is mostly intended for reference. You can buy your condoms anywhere you like.

External Condoms

External condoms are condoms you put on something (like a penis or a toy or whatever). This in contrast to internal condoms.


My earliest preference. It’s available anywhere here in Sweden (RFSU is one of the more well known manufacturers of condoms). The fact that it’s a bit thinner than most condoms means that it transfers body heat, which I like. (Now whether or not it is actually discernible, I can’t tell you – not having made any double blind test to try to confirm this scientifically).

These condoms are slightly better than any old random condom. And freaking awesome compared to any fruit flavoured one. (Which are just yucky!)

The packaging sucks (see “Packaging” above). Except for its size, which is just about perfect.

Kimono MicroThin Large

These condoms are wider than most, but narrower at the base. The width allows for more movement, while the tightly hugging base make sure that the condom stay in place.

The size difference isn’t that big, and I didn’t think it’d make much of a difference, but it does.


Haven’t tried this one (yet). It seems interesting, though.

Internal Condoms

Female condoms are awesome!

Femidom (Pasante Female Condom, FC2)

After having tried these it is easy to see why they haven’t become an instant success worldwide. They’re really hard to put in.

That being said they’re not half bad. I really enjoy the freedom of movement.

VA WoW Condom

If you tried the Femidom and gave up because they’re to hard to put in – Try again! The WoW have all the advantages of the Femidom, but is far easier to insert.

These are hands down the best condoms I’ve tried. They're easy to insert.