This collection of lyrics is based on my own collection of records. Most of these texts were simply taken off the 'net, but some these I've transcribed myself (either from CD-folder or by ear).
     Since I consult these lyrics every now and then myself this collection is likely to grow when I feel that something is lacking. Of course, should you feel that anything is lacking, then feel free to make a contribution.
Emilia Eriksson
     Carmina Burana (Carl Orff)
Gabriel Pettersson
     Type O Negative
Gunilla Uhr-Svanström
     Læther Strip
Gylfe, Thomas
     Leonard Cohen
Joacim Jonsson
     Serial Cynic
Jon Mårtensson
     Skinny Puppy
Lena Lindgren
     Tom Waits
Liselott Wikforss
     Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Pål Steen
Pyrola (Sara Rastén)
     Varnagel (+ annan svensk trallpunk)
Simon Åslund
     Die Krupps
     Nitzer Ebb
Schwa (Björn Lindström)
     They Might Be Giants
Tina (Kristina Ohlander)
     Nick Cave
TinTin (Maria Eriksson)
Wahlbom, Anders
     Die Form
Åka (Anna Davour)
     Bel Canto
     Loreena McKennit
     All lyrics here are is simple text format (non-HTML). This is intentional, and won't change with time. It is due to the fact that I prefer to use Un*x tools such as »less« and »grep« to view and search the lyrics on my own computer. However the format is quite precisely defined and should be easy to convert into something else, if you feel the need for it. Feel free to share these lyrics with anyone, in any way you want (including putting them on your own website), but if you do, please mention my name and link to or mention the address of this page.
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